Our Services

Morning service held every Sunday at 10.00am



Unstuffy, warm and welcoming. Sharing bread and wine together at the Lord’s table. Contemporary Christian songs and hymns. A talk or activity that applies the Bible to living life today. Young church activities for children and teenagers offered, but if children would prefer to stay in church, that’s absolutely fine. Do what works best for your family.


FAMILY CELEBRATION (second Sunday of the month)

A relaxed and informal way in for those who are new to the experience of church. Family friendly, suitable for all ages. Prayers, action, drama, crafts and live music. Coffee, tea and hot buttered toast to enjoy together afterwards. This is an ideal service in which to hold a Christening.


Evening worship at 6.00pm rotates as follows:


A mindful space to refuel for the week ahead

An hour to reflect, relax and receive. Enjoy the gift of some silence, quiet music and space to let God restore and centre you.


Intimate, life giving space to savour God’s love together

An informal Communion service with contemporary worship, healing prayer and space to wait on the Holy Spirit.


What’s on your mind? Sometimes we need someone to listen

Open space is just that. A safe place to come, where you won’t be judged or preached at.


If traditional or even contemporary church is not your thing

Space to explore how engaging with art, music and topical discussion can open and inform faith experience.


Relax and enjoy

Everyone is welcome


Messy Church (first Sunday of the month 3.15-5.30pm)

Spend time having fun with your children; lots of crafts and things to do together, a short relaxed service and a yummy meal afterwards. Family friendly suitable for all ages. Short talk, prayers, drama or crafts and live music. Coffee, tea and hot buttered toast to enjoy together. A relaxed informal way in for those new to the experience of church.

During the week:

Lunch Space at St Luke’s (Wednesday)

Come for 15 minutes in your busy day to receive, refresh and recover in the peace and quiet of St Luke’s. If you have time stay for a coffee or some home-made soup.

Space to Pray (Friday)

Unless the Lord builds the house, we labour in vain. An opportunity every Friday at noon to pray for the people of this community as we seek to be faithful and receptive to God’s mission in this place. A quiet place to be in the middle of the day.


What happens during a Service?

When you go somewhere new, it can be a bit confusing understanding how the whole thing works. Please don’t worry, we’ve written a few pointers about some of the things that happen to help you!

During the service most of the words are projected at the front of the church for you to follow on a screen.  When prayers are said it is customary to sit quietly listening, and to join in an “Amen”.  One of the prayers will be ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ which begins “Our Father which art in heaven ...” or “Our Father in Heaven ...” in the more modern form.  Usually everyone says this Prayer together.  Some people like to bow their heads or close their eyes to reduce distractions while they listen to, or join in with, the prayers.  In some Churches people kneel down to pray, and you are welcomed to do so at St Luke’s if you wish.

We observe The Peace during a Communion service.  When the Minister says “Let us offer one another a sign of peace”, you just shake hands with the people near you and say to one another “Peace be with you” as a way of showing that you hold no ill-will against anyone else present at the service.

During Holy Communion services, at the time of Communion, and if you are not of Communicant status in your own Church, or you do not wish to receive the Communion, then please do still come forward at the appropriate time, to receive a blessing from the presiding Minister.  It is usual to bow your head if you wish a blessing.

During one of the hymns there is the opportunity to give money. The money given usually goes towards helping meet the costs of running the Church building, staging the services and funding the other activities in the community. Sometimes it will go to a specific charity. A dish is passed along the rows of seats into which you can put some money if you would like.

At the end of the service, Reverend Annie will be at the door as you leave the church, so do introduce yourself, as she would love to get to know you. You are welcome to join us for refreshments in the adjacent church hall, we would love to meet you.

What should I wear in church?

Whatever you feel happy and comfortable in. Jeans, hoodies and trainers are welcome!

I have not been Baptised (Christened) – can I still attend a Church service?

Absolutely you can! At St Luke’s we welcome all who wish to explore the way to God through the Christian faith, and we make no judgement about any-one’s faith status.  During Communion Services we would encourage you to go forward to receive a Blessing when the Bread and Wine are distributed.

I have small children – won’t they disrupt the service?

At St Luke’s we are a family-friendly Church and we welcome parents and carers bringing small children.  Reverend Annie is not bothered at all by the sounds of little ones and we have books and colouring materials for toddlers who would like to stay with their grown-ups during the service, but need a distraction at some point.  We have young church activities for children and toddlers are offered in church, but if children would prefer to sit with you, that’s fine. Do what works best for your family.