Want to be at Tea and Toast on Sunday?
Here is a bit more information about how to get started.

Tea and Toast with Zoom

Zoom allows us to all connect in a "virtual room" using your phone, tablet or PC.

We will all be able to see each other, and chat. 

Depending on how many join we may split into smaller groups for a short while to make it easier to chat.

If you have not used Zoom, here is how to get started so you are ready for Sunday.

Please install the Zoom client for the device you plan to use.
Click on this link:


and follow the link for your device.

Please test the device using the test meeting Zoom provide.
Please make sure you put your name in Zoom so that everyone

will be able to see who you are. 

This will help make a tea and toast run better.

Just as the service ends on Sunday morning, come back to the St Luke's website,
and click on the Zoom link which is on the front page of the website.

Look forward to seeing you there!


What will it be like meeting on Zoom and will I need to do anything?

To make the most of meeting this way, here are a few helpful tips:

When you join you will go to a waiting room. We will get you out of the waiting room into the tea and toast room as quickly as we can.

Please make sue you put our name in when prompted so that we will be able to check who you are. This will help us manage the meeting.

When you join please press the mute button unless you are speaking. That will help us to stop feedback an echoey noise.

Sometimes there is a delay so allow someone time to reply.

Try not to all talk together or talk over someone. While someone is speaking they will not be able to hear you so let them finish before replying to them.


Want to be at Tea and Toast on Sunday?
Here is a bit more information about how to get started.


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