An urban take on the story of Christmas, shared by those who live, work or study
at the heart of the city of Portsmouth


"Absolutely brilliant. What a lot of talent we have in our community. Well done to all the team. Fantastic effort."

P Honeychurch - Headteacher Cottage Grove Primary School


It has been a pleasure to pray with you over the past months. So from N Ireland I thought the Irish Blessing would be appropriate to wish you all a very Happy Peaceful Christmas. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; May the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand

Wilma - Northern Ireland


"Thank you so much to everyone involved in putting this Carol service together! It felt warm, authentic, passionate and full of hope. Such a special way for the story of Christmas to be shared. Wishing all our church family and our community in Portsmouth a safe and peaceful Christmas!"

Sandra Rampton 


What a fantastic opportunity to take part in. So many talented people within the church family. Everyone is so special to me and my faith. Merry Christmas everyone. We will as Annie says ABSOLUTELY have a big party when we can all be together again

Zoe - Singer  'While Shepherds Watch'


Wishing all our St Lukes family a very Merry Christmas. It may have been a long and difficult year but remember we've come through it this far, with the love and support within our church we can continue to get through this. Take the opportunity of Christmas to relax, turn off the news and enjoy it as much as possible. Love to you all and hope we get to meet again soon.

Alyssa and Hayley


Excellent. Such a great way to celebrate Christmas in these difficult times. Well done all!

Cal Corkery - Councillor


What a wonderful Carols at Christmas Annie - uplifting, community spiritual, love and thoughts.

Thank you for sharing



Wow what can I say? That was amazing! Should be published! Very professional, thanks to all who contributed xx

Annie Bevis - St Luke's family


"It was amazing to be a part of this - so many talented people have come together to make it... And of course, I got to sing my favourite Christmas Carol!"

Lindsay - Singer


"I was asked to take part in the community carols, I don't like being filmed so this filled me with dread, but I love singing and I was going to be singing with 3 other people, so I said I would do it.  While we recorded the singing (which I sang on my own) I knew it was not my best but I was happy that I did it and all I had to worry about was the filming (So I thought!). The day before we were due to film we had a call back to record the song, this time I was with everyone else which I was glad about, it went off really well and I enjoyed it very much. So I have come to this conclusion, Christmas on your own is all well and good, but being with others is so much nicer as long as. you can be together in a safe and secure way."

Vickie B - Singer


This project was a joy to be part of. It is so important to connect with our community in a time and place where we have to be so separate, by not preaching at but by sharing with. I hope that people in the community feel a part of the place where they live.

Lorraine H - Participant


"It has been a difficult year for many, the toughest many of us will have known. Faced with such adversity our community has shone through, coming together to support one another through such challenging times. St Luke's Church has been a prime example of that community spirit, compassion and solidarity that makes our area such a great place to live. I was proud to play a small part in the Christmas Carols production and hope it helps bring about some much needed festive cheer and optimism for what lays ahead."

Cal Corkery - Councillor


Christmas in 2020 takes on a different dimension I think – but only as much as in the hope that it has created in the minds of people who perhaps wouldn’t usually put much emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas. After a year of juggling with ways to stay safe, deal with sadness, and face almost daily new challenges, the basic message of love from the birth of Jesus remains the same as it always has – love come down in the form of a baby, born in the humblest of circumstances, but sent to give us hope, joy, peace and love. Immanuel – our God is with us

John Twine- Participant


'I was bowled over by the talent and the courage in our church family, the schools, and the entire community.  Their efforts in our current circumstances moved me to give them my very best.'

Peter Langdown - Videographer