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WE DO             OTHER STUFF


New to faith? 
Want more?

Got questions?

We all do.
Thursdays from 2-3pm

Ask, seek, doubt, and discuss,

in a safe and open space.

Push the button below to join

or just show up.
We'll be here either way.

God, life and stuff

You've done Alpha,

and now you've got questions. 
Or...You missed Alpha

and still have questions.
Or...You've just got questions.
Big questions.
Join us, and we can dig a bit deeper together.

There's six sessions,

but you can come at  any time.

Well, it's best you come on a Monday for 1030 am and stay until 1130.

Beyond Alpha

Weekdays get busy.

 on Wednesday evenings, fortnightly, 

from 7-9pm,

we chew on a bit of food,

God's word,

we relax, chat, pray,

and leave refreshed and refuelled.

It's a bit like the way Jesus did it.
We're here for you.

It'd be great if you could let us know you'll be joining us.

Open Table


down to earth

real life

Join host Sarah Lovatt as she explores these and other themes in various biblical books.

Wednesdays 7-9pm

For more information drop an email

Bible Book Club