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This is Emma's story

‘I first began attending St. Luke’s in 2015 after leaving my job at Tesco.

My Sundays were now free to attend church. Well, as free as a mother of three children can be.

I was determined to provide my family with the same background that I had as a child.

As a mother of three barriers can crop up from time to time. Depression.  Not wanting to get out of bed, and early Sunday mornings. No one likes to get up on a Sunday morning.’

Four years later it’s the sense of community, the feeling of belonging, and the family aspect of

St. Luke’s that keeps Emma here. ‘I can be me. Actually. Truly. Me.’

Emma feels strongly about the positive the impact that the contribution of time can have on a community such as St. Luke’s and so she gives generously. ‘I do it because I enjoy being here. I love being part of this family.’

Given the opportunity to ask Jesus just one question, what would it be?  

‘Will I always struggle? Will it all be worth it? These moments, of being tested?’

Today a mother of four, and the co-owner of a local and growing business with her partner Matthew, Emma continues to give back to the St. Luke’s community as a volunteer in a number of positions.  Our Bridgeway programme, the Parochial Church Council, and the church finance committee, to name only a few.

Luke 11: 9 - 10
Luke 15
Luke 15

This is Finn's story


I came to St Luke’s in search of the family I never had. I feel close to God here and that began to grow in me. I stopped feeling alone and disconnected and began to be part of a church family for the first time. At Pentecost last year I was baptized. 

My life has changed since I became a Christian. I am much calmer and more patient. Inside me I have new peace, purpose and hope.

Jesus found me. When I walked into St Luke’s for the first time, I heard the story of the lost sheep. That was me. God showed my His light and love before I knew His name.