Sing with St Luke's

We would love for you to be a part of our virtual choir for the

St Luke's Pentecost Birthday Celebration.

Simply record yourself singing 'My Lighthouse' while listening to the music track below.

We'll mix together all of the singers  to create a St Luke's virtual Choir

made up of the church family.
You don't have to be a great singer...honestly!

The finished result will be revealed during  

10:00am Family Celebration on Pentecost  Sunday 31 May.


What You'll Need

You'll require the following:
1. Two devices - One to play the music track. One to record your own voice.
2. A pair of headphones so that you can record your voice without hearing the music track on the recording.
Before you begin recording listen to the track of My Lighthouse by clicking on the button below or scroll to the bottom of this page. 

3. Prepare your space. Turn off any noisy appliances and ask others in your space to be as quiet as possible. If you're filming yourself, think about lighting, and make sure there's nothing in the background that you don't want others to see.


How Do I Get Involved?

Access and download the lyrics and the music track from this page.

Play the music on one device through headphones.

Record yourself singing whatever part you want on another device.

Email your recording to: photographer@stlukessouthsea.church

or send via we transfer at

wetransfer.com .
(See instructions here if needed.)

by 11:59 on Sunday May 24th, 2020.

Remember, you don't need to be a great singer...honestly!!!


How to Set Up 

1. Set up your playback machine

Download the 'My Lighthouse' track, plug in your headphones/earphones and set the volume to a comfortable level that you can hear while singing.
2. Set up your recording machine
Record on your smartphone or digital camera. Ensure device is stable and try not to handhold the device.
3. If filming yourself

Shoot in landscape mode and aim to be in the centre of the shot. 

Set your smartphone to 4K. Go to settings, camera, record video, then 4k 30fps.

If you enjoy Rend Collective click below to hear more of their music.


Record and Send

1.Put on headphones.
Press record.
Ensure microphone is facing your mouth.
2. Using your playback device, press 'play' on the 'My Lighthouse' track.
Sing along.
3. When finished, press 'stop' on the recording device. Listen to the recording to hear how it sounds. If you're not happy, try again.
4. Email your recording by clicking on the button below or send via we transfer at

wetransfer.com .
(See instructions here if needed.)


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