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Prayer Schedule

Start The Day With Prayer, 8:30am
Night Prayer, 9:00pm

Prayer is Central to all we do and will become at St. Luke's.
We want worship to be accessible and meaningful, simple but not superficial.
We pray together as a community daily throughout the week.
Each prayer session includes time allotted for quiet personal reflection, as well as a guided Bible reading.


Prayer Resources

Prayer is central to all we do and will become at St Luke's. It always helps to have a few tips and tools.

We Can Help

At St. Luke's we want to build relationships with people, not to do things to people.
If you need somewhere to turn, we're here.

Diddy Disciples

We value children at St. Luke's. Diddy Disciples offers a safe and fun place for children of all ages to explore the transforming love found in Jesus.


Support St Luke's

We have been prompted to look at doing many things in new and
different ways in this period of pandemic, and giving is no exception. 
People have been in touch to ask about how they might continue to give
to our work as a church community.
Your donation here can help us to bridge the gap.
We thank you for your help.


Text to Donate

Every donation counts

To donate £1, text JFQO01 to 70201
To donate £3, text JFQO01 to 70331
To donate £5, text JFQO01 to 70970
To donate £10, text JFQO01 to 70191


Our Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning Service, 10:00am
Thrive, 4:00pm
Night Prayer, 9:00pm

Sunday worship at St. Luke's
offers a safe place of genuine welcome, creativity, surprise and plenty of connection
and meaning for those who live,
work or study in this community.


You Are Always Welcome

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Sunday Morning Service


Spirit, Word and Sacrament are

of equal importance to us.
We believe god's Kingdom

grows in us and among us.
Faith or no faith,

you are welcome here.



At St. Luke's we believe that trying
something new and learning from
mistakes is a good thing.
We certainly don't have all
the answers, but we do
love to discuss the questions.

Sunday Night Prayer


Prayer is central to all we do
and will become at St. Luke's.
Our prayer is to be formed into
a warm, authentic and growing community. You are always
welcome to join us.



A Growing Church At The Heart Of The City Centre In Portsmouth

Like you we've had quite a lot going on here recently.

Our building is closed for the foreseeable future but our church is alive and active.

We're learning how to do church differently. Our worship and other services are online.

We're now live-streaming, using Facebook Live, and other forms of communication.

But what hasn't changed, is our love for God and authentic community.

So whether you are exploring Christian faith or looking for a church in which to settle we want you to know:  There is space to question, space to grow and space to rest and recover at St. Luke's. We're an open church.

You'll find us at the end of the phone or just and email away.

07442 796924


"Our doors may be closed
but this church
is alive
and open."

Rev'd Annie McCabe


Contact Us

Greetham Street,
Southsea, PO5 4LH

07442 796924


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07442 796924

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